DGM ( Head of printing-Auko Tex Group)

South Panisail, Zirani Bazar, Gazipur.


Company Description: 
AUKO TEX GROUP is fast growing and one of the most reputed conglomerate in the garment sector. It is 100% export percent oriented and fully composite entity with its state of the art of knitting.

Job description :

  1. To attain 100% or maximum production capacity of each and every machinery.
  2. Contribute in smooth production and operations & management in the factory to meet product delivery/ shipment deadlines.
  3. Coordinate, supervise and monitor the day- to- day operations and activities of all departments and sections of the factory.
  4. Ensure smooth general administration of the factory involving all resources like man, material and machinery as per the direction of the higher authority.
  5. Innovate, improvise, formulate and implement new concepts, techniques, methods and standard operating procedures (SOP) in production and operational management to achieve better quality and productivity.
  6. Ensure total quality management (TQM) in production and operations process to meet the requirements of top management, buyers and external auditors.
  7. Ensure personnel administration and human resource management of employees and workers of the factory in accordance with existing organizational policies as well as national and international laws and regulations.
  8. Ensure smooth, timely maintenance of all machinery, equipment, installations and logistics of the factory.
  9. Maintain good industrial/ labor relations in the factory

Employment Status: 

Educational Requirements:
Preferably post graduate (May be relaxed in case of deserving candidates)

Experience Requirements:
Considerable practical experience in RMG.

Additional requirements in area of assessments :

  • Capability of Target setting, planning and follow up.
  • Latest trend analysis and business require.
  • Management and leadership quality.
  • Team spirit positive attitude and pro activeness.
  • Responsibility ,honesty and integrity.
  • Modern system adaptability , creativity and innovation is must.

Job Location : 
South Panisail, Zirani Bazar, Gazipur.

Interested candidates are encouraged to send a complete resume to with a cover letter and recent passport size photograph to Email : hr@auko-texgroup.com (please mention job position on the top of the email) .